What is Contra vision?

A one-way film that is a specialty film designed only printed on the one side and you can see through it on the other side.

A Artwork is printed onto the one side of the material, which is perforated – this makes it look solid from one side and see through from the other.

What type of files do you accepts?

We will accept the following formats of files:

  • PDFicon
  • JPEG
  • EPS
  • Abode
  • Word
  • Corel Draw

How long does it take to build my sign?

After artwork has been signed off and everything has been completed and accepted it would take approximately 5 – 7 working days, however this does depend on the size of the order given.

What material do you use for outdoor signs?

Materials with long levity such as Chromadek, flex face, Perspex signs and aluminum signs.

What is chromadek?

A white painted galvanized (anti-rust) sheet which is 0.66mm thick.

Will my paint on the vehicle be damaged if I remove it after vehicle branding?

If the graphics have been applied to a factory painted surface, the removal of the vinyl should proceed without any problems.

Can I apply vinyl lettering to a texture wall?

Yes, we use high quality vinyl that has great flexibility without compromising adhesive strength.  When placing our vinyl lettering on a textured wall we just recommend applying pressure during application to remove the air bubbles that have been created during application.


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