Signage Services By M2 Designs

Here are just a few of our services

We have been in the design and manufacturing industry for 25 years and we understand the needs of our customers. We have the right signage solution for your branding and signage needs. We deliver on time every time. It is very important for us to have satisfied customers, customers who keep coming back.

Our design team, led by Marcel, is up to date and relevant to all new materials and trends.For the best designs look no further, if you are looking for a corporate identity we can design exactly what you are looking for.

Look no further for affordable solutions to your branding needs.

We understand that customer needs come first. After-sales service is very important to us. We are a company that listens to our customers' needs and meets them effortlessly.

Before Getting Signage Services


Knowing where your sign will go is important, it's easy to make the font too small. You can also choose the wrong font color. Before you send a sign design to a printer, make sure you can read it remotely.


Visibility is critical to maximizing the benefits of signals. If you place your sign next to other larger and more eye-catching signs, your customers will likely walk past you without realizing it.


Although you want your designs to be attractive and attention-grabbing, don't get carried away. Having too much information or detail on the sign clouds it. You want your customers to know what they are seeing and what to expect.


Size matters in sign design. The bigger the sign, the more attention it gets. However, you don’t want it to be too big because that can interfere with the message. The right size will depend on location.


Your sign should be unique. It needs to stand out against whatever backdrop it’s being placed against. If you are hanging a sign on a neutral wall, give it a pop of color. Consider the space and design accordingly.