Pylons, Billboards & Chromadek Boards

  • Pylons are used next to roads, these pylons are viewed by the traffic going by on highways and byways. Pylons are high steel super structures that needs to be designed by engineers, also needs to have city council approval. This venture has a lot of regulation and specification.
  • These pylons signs can also be illuminated for better vision at night. Either back lit or front lit.
  • Pylon structure are made from various steel sections, and the artworks can be manufactured from chromadek,, flex face or banner material, these days LED displays are also mounted to these super structures to combine a number of companies advertising on the same billboard.

Your sign is the face of your business. Whether it is the reception sign inside your building or the billboard outside your building. This is to let the public know that you are here.

This needs to be the first thing that the public remember of your company. That is why bright colours and interesting and eye-catching designs are of extreme importance.

Be assured that we only use the best quality materials and the best designs.

With our effective nation-wide teams, we delivery everytime no matter how big or small the order.

We have a number of different materials that can be used for your new image, which will be tailored into the right solution for your company keeping in mind taste, lifespan and cost effectiveness.

The materials that can be used includes:

  • Chromadek Signs
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Aluminium Signs
  • ABS Signs